Working with a promising German filmmaker

Alireza is a promising filmmaker with a love for photography from Germany currently working at JvM and freelanced on the side with his own company called Cinebrain.




Web Design & Front End Development

A portfolio that focuses on the work

Alizera needed a portfolio that put his work at the forefront.

With him just showcasing just 5 projects I decided to explore

a design that lets each individual piece of work stand out on it's own.

What about that mobile experience?

Well of course the key to a good web site is for it to be work

well on every device. Well I made sure to make the design

nice and responsive and keep the same goals.

And then what?

Then came development. I used Webflow to quickly develop the site.

The platform also allowed Alizera to make changes visual to the site without

my involvement. Next hurdle was handling the transitions with that, I used Barba.

Any challenges?

Since I was bound in South Africa I worked with the client remotely.

This came with issues when it came to nuances of communication.